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Checking in...

Posted: Aug 18, 2018

Checking in...
Checking in...

Well, it seems the blog has nearly evaporated... it's August and this is the first post of the year :)
Although I didnt take to Tumblr (the format of which this blog prerelated to somehow) as many others I have been succumbed to Instagram for online presences of the ephemeral visual side of things. Nevertheless I will continue to maintain this blog for various reasons, like an old notebook forgotten in a drawer... which still holds empty pages for scribbling new notes and ideas, and referencing old ones.

If you desire you can follow the SOMA IG there :

At the end of 2017 I erased my facebook account and history, and the total twitter history from 2011-2017. (yes I know IG is residing in the same area). 

There is an archive of the six years twitter posts on Ideologic, and if you get off on that sort of thing you can watch it here.

Here I post these photos by Sarah Bastin taken in September 2017. They're a reference to the famous Brötzmann family "Last Home" LP cover. As for myself I have been alcohol free for nearly the entire 2018. A massive challenge and personal accomplishment. It has been interesting relearning how to exist in the world this way, and also relearning how to communicate with the increased sensitivities, and adapting to a different sort of consiousness studies... but I believe that one cannot go wrong in any attempt to improve and develop those topics, with whichever methods are appropriate and whichever stages.

The big news is that SUNN O))) conceptualized, wrote, preproduced a lot of music over the spring (in Los Angeles and at Dave Grohl's 606 studios) and then recorded, mixed eight new tracks with Steve Albini in June (At Electrical Audio in Chicago) over two weeks. We are preparing the mastering, artwork, naratives and such and we are very excited to present this new work to the world. New directions once again...

... and to celebrate the 20th anniversary of SUNN O)))'s creation we released our first ever practice tape on LP format this year as well. The SOMA031/sunn206.666 / SUNN O))) "Downtown LA Rehearsal/Rifftape March 1998” LP The genesis …

 … archival quality reissues of both of the WHITE1 & WHITE2 albums on Stoughton gatefold double LPs, the full length original mixes were masterfully remastered by the alchemist Matt Colton. So much music.

My label imprint IDEOLOGIC ORGAN was honored to release two major archival works of the dhrupad master Ustad Zia Mohiuddin Dagar this year, as well as a beautiful set of sacred flute music recordings from Ragnar Johnson's research trips in Madang region of Papua New Guinea in the 70s. We prepare and plan new titled from the Japanese band Kukangendai, the French artist Golemn Mechanique and a boxed set of Akos Rozmann's "Mass" in the next year.

We are about to enter the third year/season of my monthly radio show ACID QUARRY PARIS on RB RADIO... very pleased to continue this. You can listen and stream various episodes here :

All my best to you and thank you as always fo your interest in my activities, art and work. 

-Stephen O'Malley / SOMA