Stephen O’Malley

Black Sabbath - Germany 1970 (new footage)

Posted: May 28, 2014

This is pretty cool. It's actually a protest video against foreign rock groups and the German organizers who were charging the German public 50% more than in other countries. Here's the translation:
"Black Sabbath
Frankfurt, Germany
June 6th, 1970
Then paid - 4000 Deutsche Marks

Earlier this year, Black Sabbath was still a nameless group from Brimingham. They played in small clubs for 500 DM.
Today's average salary 7000 DM.

Every English or American group that gets on the continent, especially in Germany gets 50% more salary than in their own country.
Guilty are the organizers who accept any price. And who pays for the entire cramp?
The young guys, who have little money anyway.

[salaries of various "foreign" rock groups]

How long do you want to co-finance these sums?"