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SUNN O))) & ULVER "Terrestrials" press review excerpts

Posted: Mar 17, 2014

SUNN O))) & ULVER "Terrestrials" press review excerpts

"It floats on through Philip Glass-esque madrigals, squalls of feedback and unearthly cabaret piano-tinkling before preparing for anding with a mournful, synth-led denouement. It's long, languorous and wonderful in its invention, with Ulver lending emotional heft to Sunn O)))'s wall of tone." 
 – 4/5 (30 January) 

"Gestating slowly, like worlds formed by the cooling of the cosmos, the three long pieces that make up Terrestrials draw heavily on the expansive intergalactic explorations of early Tangerine Dream, classical music's monumental swells and the magma-moving power of excessive amplification. Opener 'Let There Be Light' recreates the magnificent intensity of the very first dawn, while 'Western Horn' and 'Eternal Return' use glacial strings, low-end tones and monolithic invocations to give fresh sonic substance to those primordial forces that once shaped the universe." 
MOJO – 4 star review (March issue)

"Infinite loops and surging crescendos constitute a psychedelic session more about melancholic beauty than foreboding, with trumpet, viola and violin setting 'Let There Be Light' in particular on a cosmic jazz tip." 
UNCUT – 8/10 review (February issue) 

"'Eternal Return' notably, locks down an atmosphere that's like the Twin Peaks soundtrack stretched to breaking point, and is also kinda beautiful." 
NME – 8/10 review (w/c 27 January)

"Like a grim continuation of Earth's towering opus Hex: Or Printing in the Infernal Method, this is long-form, cryptic Americana at its most well-crafted and realized." 
FACT – tracks of the week (8 February) 

"The two forces at work are able to blend the pastorally beautiful with the haunting discordant in a way that transcends the achievements of both outfits to date. Absolutely outstanding." 
BIG CHEESE – 10/10 review (February issue) 

"Beautiful in parts, threatening in others, and languidly unhurried throughout." 
RECORD COLLECTOR – 3 star review (March issue) 

"What's lost in volume is gained in atmosphere." 
FINANCIAL TIMES – 4/5 review (31 January) 

"To say there's something alchemical going on here would be to understate the case – this is a truly transcendent work of art, perfect in tone and substance." 
ROCK A ROLLA – Boxed album review (February/March issue)

"A tremendous addition to the canon of both bands." 
METAL HAMMER – 9/10 lead album review (March issue)


Terrestrials by SUNN O))) & ULVER