Stephen O’Malley

"Deus Cantando (God, singing)" Peter Ablinger

Posted: Jun 29, 2013

"Deus Cantando (God, singing)" by Peter Ablinger, Winfried Ritsch & Thomas Musil

For computer controlled piano and screened textInstallation at Stara Rzeznia during Malta festival, Poznan 2013

Peter Ablinger's pieces usually take the form of music installations. Deus Cantando was born of the desire to transfer the recording of any given sound -- music, noise, human speech -- to acoustic instruments. "It turned out then that there is no machine suiting our needs. Thus, I had to create my own", said Winfried Ritsch, the constructor and co-author of the project. Work on the complex mechanism took many years. The outcome was a piano speaking with a human voice. Its functions make it possible to filter speech using the piano's specific anatomy and physiology, creating indistinct echoes, demanding that the audience, who add context, complete them. The piano is, thus, only a framework in which the listener's individual perspective reveals itself. The title of the project originated from the work by Peter Ablinger presented on the speaking piano at Malta Festival Poznan.