Stephen O’Malley

ÄÄNIPÄÄ session #3 notes

Posted: Aug 4, 2012

Pleased to be back in the studio wih Mika and Marco this weekend... patiently & persistently sculpting this collaboration work/album.

Studio: andereBaustelle, Berlin
Engineer: Marco Paschke

Mika Vainio & Stephen O'Malley
session #3
4th-8th August 2012


SUNN O))) Model T / KT88 JJs / #36130 / Tape handles
SUNN O))) Model T / 6550 Svetlana / # 42238 / Spray black over sky blue
AMPEG V4 / 7207A JJs / #166886
AMPEG SVT810E 1987 Ltd Ed / #355
Marshall 1960 JCM 90...

Celtic Frost "A Dying God" Documentary

Posted: Aug 3, 2012


Documentation about the Swiss band "Celtic Frost"

Sunday, November 16, 2008, at 11.30pm, Swiss national TV station
SF1 premiered the first full-length documentary film shot about
celebrated and controversial Swiss extreme metal group Celtic Frost.

"Celtic Frost - A Dying God" was directed by Swiss journalist and
documentary filmmaker Adrian Winkler, whose team followed Celtic Frost
for two years on the road during the group's final undertaking, the
"Monotheist" Tour, in 2006 and 2007. Winkler captu...