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Annea Lockwood "Piano Transplants"

Posted: Jun 20, 2012

 Annea Lockwood "Piano Transplants"
 Annea Lockwood "Piano Transplants"
 Annea Lockwood "Piano Transplants"
 Annea Lockwood "Piano Transplants"



Annea Lockwood "Piano Transplants"

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Please Note: All pianos used should already be beyond repair.

Piano Burning (1968 - London)

Set upright piano (not a grand) in an open space with the lid closed.
Spill a little lighter fluid on a twist of paper and place inside, near the pedals.
Light it.
Balloons may be stapled to the piano.
Play whatever pleases you for as long as you can.

Piano Garden (1969-70 - Ingatestone, Essex)

Dig a sloping trench and slip an upright piano in sideways so that it is half interred.
A small grand piano may be set down amongst bushes etc.
Plant fast growing trees and creepers around the pianos.
Do not protext against weather and leave the pianos there forever.

Piano Drowning (1972 - Amarillo, Texas)

Find a shallow pond with a clay/other hard bed in an isolated place.
Slide upright piano into position vertically, just off-shore.
Anchor the piano against storms, e.g. by rope to strong stakes.
Take photographs and play it monthly, as it slowly sinks.

Southern Exposure (1982 - realised 2005 at Bathers Beach, Freemantle, Australia)

Chain a ship's anchor to the back leg of a grand piano.
Set the piano at the high tide mark, lid raised.
Leave it there until it vanishes.