Stephen O’Malley

Technical rider 2011

Posted: Apr 28, 2012

(courtesy of Massimo/Zu)



1)    If the gig happens in winter, please DO NOT use any heating at the
       club or in the sleeping place.
        If its in the summer, do your best to warm it up as much as possible.
2)    Beers should be kept warm and food should always be served cold.
3)    Beers will be exclusively by Heineken.
4)    We like to sleep next to big full ashtrays , each near a pillow, thanks.
5)    Please DO NOT change sheets and blankets from the punk band before
       in the dorm.
6)    The db limit must be strictly below 90 db
7)    Before and after the concert we would love to have a rock DJ
       playing records exclusively by Rage Against The Machine. For the DJ, db
       limits will not apply of course, he should be louder than the band.
8)    We prefer NOT to have hotels, but if it must be, then at least no
       single rooms please.
9)    We prefer to sleep at student houses that will be throwing the aftershow party.
10)  If there are other bands on the bill we‘d like to choose a young
       caucasian guitarist reader of The wire with hundreds of pedal effects
       in loop.
11)  Please try to be grumpy, do not smile at the band or try to start
       any conversation with us.
12)  The dressing room should be covered with band stickers and cock
       drawings. Everyone is allowed in the dressing room. Expecially drunks.
       No-privacy-policy. No keys please.
13)  We only eat Kebab.
14)  Opening bands MUST always use our drums and amps.
15)  The mic on the bassdrum must be a Shure 57 or an equivalent.
16)  The mixing desk and all music gear has to be by Behringer
17)  If it’s possible we really appreciate a strong flanger effect on
       the FOH master .
18)  If we ask for  backline, the drums must be all wobbly and shaky
       and have very used skins.
19)  If we ask for backline, the bass amp must have at least one
       broken speaker , should overheat as soon as possible, and be a combo.
20)  The monitor guy should be grumpy, he must hate us and our music
       and look very bored during our set and NEVER look at us.
21)  We like to have only full-on strobe lighting and a fog machine, both
       running all the time.
22)  The sleeping place should be at maximum distance from the venue,
       preferably in another city.
23)  After load-in, we should be unable park in front of the
       venue, parking should be at least 5 km away.
24)  We should always be announced as "free-jazz" so that attractive
       girls are kept away from the gig.
25)  We prefer NOT to be paid after a concert and welcome comments such as "Monday is always a bad night for shows" OR "There was another (better) gig in (a bigger, better venue) in town tonight" OR "Sorry, the show wasn't really advertised".....
26)  Where possible we prefer it if venue staff instruct us on how and where to set up our equipment. We also respect the NO LEFT HANDED DRUMMER venue policy when applicable. (We all know repatching the stagebox is a drag).
27)  Vegetarians in the band need only be fed bread and/or cheese for sustenance.
28)  All monitors MUST be linked ensuring the drummer gets the same mix as the singers/ horn players/ bassist.
29)  If you are unable to take a percentage of our merch sales we would prefer to set our stand up somewhere outside the main hall, optimising the chance of having items stolen.
30)  When arriving outside the venue at the alotted time after a 14 hour drive we'd appreciate it if the venue was CLOSED as we enjoy wandering the bleak industrial outskirts of towns and cities worldwide.