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HR Giger gallery show (concert) flyer

Posted: Sep 15, 2011

HR Giger gallery show (concert) flyer

I am humbled to have been invited to perform a small solo set at HARD-HAT Gallery in Geneva, in conjunction with their show of HR GIGER'S prints from "Biomechanoid 1969".

The show runs September 15 - October 29, 2011.
The concert is on October 12th.

HR Giger
Biomechanoid, 1969 

Opening: September 15 2011; 6 – 9 pm

Hard Hat is proud to presents two historical series by HR Giger.

Biomechanoid, eight plates from 1969, brings into focus for the first time many of the themes and formal tropes that will define the Swiss artist’s works in the following decades: a fusion between flesh and machine brewing in the concrete entrails of a future necropolis. Infused with a chilling eroticism, each plate repeats, permutes and transforms a series of motifs, accounting for the successive states of the gestation of some incredible creature. 

Passagen, four photographic silkscreens from 1971, repeat a single motif, printed each time in a different two-color scheme. This nightmarish image – a detail of a garbage truck – stands halfway between a vaginal orifice and the entrance of a forbidding mechanical world.

Made at a time when HR Giger’s work was predominantly shown within the mainstream field of contemporary art, these neo-Symbolist works display an acute Pop sensibility. Both series were published by Bruno Bischofberger, who, since 1965, had exhibited artists such as Andy Warhol, Tom Wesselmann and Roy Lichtenstein in his Zurich gallery. Known today as one of the living masters of the more specialized field of Fantasy Art, Giger’s influence continues to be felt on the whole spectrum of contemporary visual culture.

 Opening: September 15 2011; 6 – 9 pm
Exhibition: September 16 – October 16 2011

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