Stephen O’Malley

SOMA end of 2011 list

Posted: Dec 31, 2011

Have been asked many times to contribute lists for 2011 to blogs, mags etc.

Have not accepted  because it seems there are around twenty times as many lists this year as I can recall even in 2010. Everyone's got a voice these days. My favorite list is the NYTimes "Rock Is Dead" list... what a revalation! How many times has that been declared? Usually means that things are thriving in the underground and the mainstream writers have been trapped in the firm grasp of industry crap, probably cant hear anything heavy any more anyway because their $300 ear buds are shoved so far up their asses cranking .AAC compressed dance files. Anyway...

Nothing definitive.

This is the late December 2011 list

"Fools Crow" James Welch
"Source" Austin & Khan
"Are We Still Rolling? Phill Brown
New Yorker, Harpers & Vintage Guitar magazines

TALK TALK "Laughing Stock" & "Spirit of Eden" (Phill Brown)
WOVENHAND "Mosaic" & "ten Stones" & "Black of The Ink" (just hearing this great band now for the first time...)
AMI SON "Primitive Expression" LP
Michael von Biel RZ 2002 CD (amplified BBQ grills and hunting brass ensemble)
Sutekh Hexen "Ordo Adversarial" & Daemons" 7"s
Celestiaal "Desolate North" LP & Handmade Birds label in general
Esoteric "Paragon of Dissonance" 2CD
Jean-Claude Eloy "Anahata" 3CD &  "Yo In" 4CD
DOME box

NADJA live @ MadeiraDIG... and MadeiraDIG in general, great festival
Christian Wolff & Takahesa Kosugi live @ Théâtre de la ville Merce Cunningham Dance Company final tour shows

Wish you all a great 2012.