Stephen O’Malley

Metal genres in SLAYER vocabulary

Posted: Dec 8, 2011

This is very amusing! Swiped from Talkbass forum:

Since some of us old guys remember Slayer, I'll use them to explain the Metal Genres:

Progressive: Slayer takes some Jazz lessons

Avant Garde: Slayer takes Jazz lessons with Sun Ra

Black Metal: Slayer repackaged for teens

Christian Metal: Slayer with lyrics from Hillsong

Death Metal: Slayer with Cookie Monster on vocals

Technical Death Metal: Slayer with Cookie Monster on vocals, and Yngwie on guitar

Doom Metal: Slayer with a hangover doing Black Sabbath covers

Drone Metal: Slayer in the special ed classroom

Stoner Metal: Slayer with Jimi Hendrix on LSD

Glam Metal: Slayer with eye shadow and lipstick

Gothic Metal: European Slayer

Groove Metal: Slayer with a backbeat

Industrial Metal: Samples of Slayer played over a dance beat

Neo-Classical Metal: Slayer hanging out at Starbucks

Nu Metal: Slayer hanging out at the Mall

Symphonic Metal: Slayer meets the Boston Pops

Thrash Metal: Slayer

Viking Metal: Slayer meets Thor

Folk Metal: Slayer meets Lilith Faire

Funk Metal: Slayer with slap bass

Grindcore: Slayer with the vocals slowed down, and everything else sped up

Metalcore: Slayer with a breakdown in the middle

Melodic Death Metal: Slayer learns a major scale

Nintendocore: Slayer joins the A/V club

Post Metal: Slayer Muzak

Rap Metal: Slayer goes to the hood, but then goes back to the burbs
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