Stephen O’Malley

KEIJI HAINO @ Roadburn

Posted: Jan 14, 2011

"In a Sept. 1996 Wire interview, Keiji Haino spoke about his music as a form of prayer, one that may lift or degrade the listener, depending on his own performance. He believed his music was a "diagram of white magic," but that if his efforts were to fall short, his music would reveal itself as harmful black magic. "I can't change your hate into like unless there is an equal amount of like corresponding to your hate." While acknowledging that "Prayer exists because nothing is perfect," he felt that his work was an exploration of that imperfection, attempting to voice what was impossible: "I'm trying to express in music the satori that the Buddha achieved but couldn't explain." Whichever genre he has chosen to seek that void where the inexpressibly spiritual may be expressed—Psychedelic Rock, Noise, solo drumming, Acoustic Blues—his quest has never been anything less than a raw, naked search to speak the unspoken. He has, in the process, expanded both the definition of a spiritual artist and the uses for improv and Noise, as did the Free Jazz explorers of the late '60's." —Mike Wood

We are nearly beyond words regarding the honor and pleasure of Mr. Haino accepting our invitation to perform at SUNN O)))s curated Roadburn.

One of our heroes, teachers and certainly masters will appear. We have been following Mr. Haino's music and witnessing his incredible energy for many years now. The impression that this energies have made and can reflect upon us are undeniable.

It's forming an super-real evening! Carlson, Brötzmann, Haino! High philosophers of the six strings.