Stephen O’Malley

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Posted: Sep 21, 2010


"When Christian Wallumrød and I started the recording of "Merriwinkle" in 2002, we had never played together before. We had listened to each other´s music for many years - and had talked a lot about music in general - so we were pretty well updated on each other´s musical orientation. We also knew that we both wanted to work with free improvisation.

For the past 15 years I have worked with improvisation in many forms. It has been an intergral part of my last 5 releases: as a basis for developing new material - as an equal element paired with written material - and as a means for discovering and developing new aspects of the voice. So "Merriwinkle" is a continuation and a "coming together" of many roads I’ve been down musically. Although "Merriwinkle" is completely improvised (i.e. : you´ll never hear these exact songs again!) - and is void of any lyrics (comprehensible ones, anyway!) – I’m always looking for the clear structure and the "song" within. Sidsel Endresen March 2004