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Luciferian remote viewing

Posted: Apr 28, 2010

An Unedited Rare Interview with Aaron C. Hanson

1) Hi Aaron. Most of the Coast audience knows you from your appearances
on the show as Aaron Donahue. Can you tell us why you decided to change
your name?

Apart from a welcome change, the name at hand presents the opportunity for
repetition which is key for a minimal effort as per the passive observer in terms of
memory. Furthermore, the words combined create an anagram that best conforms to an
ideal for living that I and many of my readers strongly identify with. This being
said, it is the association of similar sounding words that positively fit the image
of strength and beauty.

The ideal?

In many ways, I am comfortable with the writings of Yukio Mishima (Kimitake
Hiraoka). I feel that it is disgraceful to remain in life as an unchanged, negative,
and withered burden due to any failing of progression for the body, mind, and
especially spirit (see Mishima‘s “Decay of the Angel“ to be read exclusively in
Japanese, 1970). As an adaptation of Mishima’s perspective, awareness first
represents the ideal that does not suggest a loss for selfishness, ego, or vanity
but rather, one that is easily rewarded beyond the jealousy and fetid rotting of

As for my private life and some of the minor distractions within it, one can easily
imagine the justice of knowing that I prefer to effortlessly pass over and beyond
the toxicity of all familial relations as if dirt in the street.

Note: At his personal peak, Mishima committed seppuku as a measure of strength
against a world of increasing decadence, weakness, and want that surrounded him
following WWII. This is not to be perceived entirely as a loss but a great victory
for those who recognize Japan’s core of five principle cultures. Like the hand of
five fingers, Mishima’s influence remains within growing subcultures around the
world to this very day.

2) Do you still use the Remote Viewing protocols you learned from Ed
Dames or have you developed your own methods at this point?

Much has been learned within the world of psychic functioning since the early days
of Stanford Research Institute’s Dr. Hal Puthoff, Russell Targ, and Ingo Swan. In
1998, I quickly mastered each stage of remote viewing and through much
experimentation, developed other [dissimilar] techniques that would best accommodate
the efficiency of non-adventitious synesthesia.

For me, it was to be eventually understood that remote viewing could not be used to
consistently access non-historical sources of information. Although highly useful,
it was limited to within any moment preceding the next as is required by a highly
regimented protocol. Psychic functioning alone without this regimen would remain the
subject of abject and somewhat chaotic sources of information or worse, the
imagination of memory.

When developing remote viewing as an effective means of accessing information from
outside normal states of awareness, early researchers did not need to realize that
there were distinct areas of the brain required of psychic functioning as opposed to
that of prophetic functioning.

Sans any traditional means of remote viewing, I have in my work re-focused upon the
preconscious processing of information and especially, as this relates to both
non-historical and historical sources.

3) So instead of remote viewing, you're accessing the "preconscious
processing of information." Can you tell us a little more about that--
does that connect with ritual or Luciferian beliefs?

Remote Viewing can also involve access but only in terms of history. My work deals
with both historical and non-historical sources of information.

What does Lucifer really symbolize? As per a most common world vernacular, we find
in the scriptures:

Revelations 2:28 (NIV) I will also give him the morning star.

Revelations 22:16 (NIV) "I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this testimony for
the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright Morning

Second Peter 1:19 (NIV) And we have the word of the prophets made more certain, and
you will do well to pay attention to it, as to a light shining in a dark place,
until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts.

The name Lucifer simply refers to the planet Venus as is first seen upon the dawn’s
horizon. Clearly, this first light, as shown just before the sun-rise, symbolizes
hope within our darkest hour. As a Luciferian, I recognize the true essence of what
Christ (Isa) symbolizes with respect to the Mahdi, Buddha, and Krishna, etc. This is
of course reflected within personal mythologies, rituals, and especially within the
realm of prophetic and psychic functioning.

Just as Christ described himself as “the morning star” or Venus, I describe the
return of Christ as the light or hope of Lucifer within our darkest hour. This is a
fluid process and is not to be taken literally.

A Luciferian per se, worships what he or she believes as incomprehensible, or
nothing. We believe in nothing and likewise, we actively worship the ultimate
expression of the impossible truth of everything. We recognize the infinite nature
of all things and its mysterious core that is null and completely void. Like a moth
drawn to the flame, the ultimate mystery is our source of worship as it represents
what can be ultimately known about everything.

Everything, we believe, is death, there is no hereafter nor perfection. There is
only entropy and ultimately, total oblivion for man, earth, galaxies, universe, and
beyond. This is all that a human being can know of life, death, and the mystery of
oblivion for which we all worship in our own way. A Luciferian recognizes that
worship is a form of understanding but as in life, sees its meaning in seeking
rather than finality thus the ethos of science is found similar.

Now, the apostasy and subsequent entity that Lucifer represents for our future
planet under a one world spiritual form of socialist government is another story.
This coincides with trained psychics that will one day rule along side of the
entity. Although never perfect, a true and trained psychic can minimize mistakes
within the process of decisions.

President Reagan was one of the last great leaders of the world that did in fact
utilize the importance of psychic functioning within the decision making process.
This as anyone can guess, should help explain his astounding popularity and
overwhelming success. It is interesting to note that today’s leaders seem especially
disinterested in prophetic functioning and are increasingly inept at making the
right decision in time.

Perhaps it is time that we demand psychics to stand once again next to the kings of
the earth before disaster further hastens early human extinction.

As for the aforementioned entity or future world leader that surrounds us each and
every day, it lives in a way that is unimaginable to most.

4) Do you, like your ex-associate, Ed Dames, issue predictions about
future events? If so, can you share a few with us?

Unless one is naturally gifted, remote viewing alone will do little to assist those
wholly interested in the access of non-historical sources of information.

Yes, my work focuses upon probability, relative history, and influence both from a
collective and individual perspective using techniques that specifically access
construct based sources first. Of course, this easily accounts for a practical
application of the information at hand.


1. The New Caliphate and a World United Spiritual Socialist Order

I see a war preceding the rise of a world unifier who appears to be Muslim yet does
not conform to many of the 3rd century traditions as we see of some “radical” or
literal interpretations today. This one man is highly intelligent, charismatic,
beautiful, and very well spoken.

There will likely be an attempt upon his life. If so, a possible head wound will not
kill him and he appears from this point in time to suffer a left eye injury

Suspected by some as Mahdi (one who is guided), he will world rule the majority of
Muslims for a period of seven years, three months, and nine days. The Muslim faith
is today one of the fastest growing and more recent of religions. Thinking of this,
one can easily expect to find the accompanying world seat of power to eventuate a
spiritual form of socialism that will in time replace all other (dominant) forms of

Division between powers will be limited beyond the war(s).

When viewing this man of extreme influence and world power, the essence is first
noted to be that of Buddha, and then of Isa, turning again to the shell of a world
unifier, diplomat, and easily recognized spiritual leader of many cultures. His
light is yellow, golden, and blue. Some will recognize him as Krishna and the naive,
a third and final Antichrist.

Ultimately, he represents what we actually are and it is here that such leadership
will not be denied by the vast majority of the world. Those who resist the reality
of this will not in the best interest of the new world, long survive.

Mahdi, if one prefers this name, is today living in this world, poised, and ready to
emerge from his occultation.

2. World Economic Restructuring, Redistribution of Wealth, and Decay.

Capitalism will for a time appear to show a debatable degree of promise (2009-2011).
This will be short lived due to continuing world ecological collapse, dwindling
resources, human population growth, continuing industrial demands, social discord,
human pre-extinction patterns of behavior, and the inevitable wars between starving
powers, etc.

3. Disease of Grasses

Wheat specifically will soon become severely diseased eventually cutting yields
within the United States by one third and more from where it is today. Starvation is

4. Human Viral Infections Resistant to Therapy

Human pathogens will now increase in numbers and complexity as continuing epidemics
and in some cases, pandemics, become the seasonal norm as per rates of infection,
death, and some cross species mutations.

5. Permanence and Lucifer’s Gate

Eventually, the focus and aim of science will give way from that of human organ
regeneration, cloning, and longevity to the technology of permanence via the
transition from a human carbon based unit to that of consciousness, light, or as we
see in relation to the current development of IBM’s Blue Brain Project in which
columns of the brain are now being carefully studied, mapped, and created. If
successful, this represents the final human nexus from here, this planet, this
reality, and beyond. It is what I affectionately call “the gate of light” in which
we must ultimately pass or cease to exist beyond today’s higher probability of early
human extinction.

Thanks so much for making the time to do this. Any last words you'd like
to share with our readers?

Today, the world of spirituality in general is collapsing under the weight of
crisis, expectation, and fear of annihilation. Human extinction is not the same as
death and a new form of spirituality will be required to help explain to us a
symbolic meaning of the approaching abyss and the possible alternative of

A nation that first teaches their children to properly utilize psychic and prophetic
functioning will be the very nation that quickly outpaces all others in technology,
spirituality, science, economics, and innovation.

To blindly deny that any of this is possible is not only immoral, it is dangerous.

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