Stephen O’Malley


Posted: Mar 16, 2010


email of the week

Dear Mr Stephen O'Malley
I'm a 26 Paris based French "artist" ?, working with photographs & video, & I have recently discover "Bambi", the famous Walt Disney production directed by David D. Hand. As I was enjoying these amazing 1940's drawings by Disney, I was in the same time disturbed by the dialogs, & the fact that Bambi and his boring mother were both talking like humans. So I first thought it should be intersting to watch it again with the sound shut off. I almost did this, but during the first part of the film, this new Bambi without the sound reminded me of Fantasia, wich is also a damned film. And I started to listen Monoliths & Dimensions as I was watching Bambi. I've been so surprised by the coherence of the ensemble that I've decided (without any authorisation) to re-edit the movie, keeping the principal scenes so that my cut is 40 minutes shorter than the original version, without any original sounds but only your music, very long extracts from Monoliths & Dimensions.

I am absolutely not trying to ask you for any authorisation to uses your sounds ! I just did this because I was curious to see what could happened : I think it's kind of troubling, how the Disney masks disappears and the animals are revealing themselves, wilds again. As a "disantropomorphisation" comes out of this. And because Bambi is a really sad and dark film who fear human presence (hunters), and more than this, absolutely focused on nature, I think the music fit increadibly well to the film.

I know it is impossible for me to use both formats (Disney & Sunn O))) ) together, to do what I want & furthermore that you may not be interested in watching this proposition for some good reason like you don't want any images added to your sounds (And I understand this pretty well, don't worry, I already had to remove Aethenor sounds of a Diaporama a few month ago). So I'm just telling you, if you just want to see the film , I can send you a dvd so that you can tell me if you liked the proposition or not.

Anyway, I'd be crazy someday to see you at "La Cinemathèque Française" performing music for "Bambi", or any other films like George Melies ones, or even more those from Segundo de Chomon, wich are way more drone than Melies...

Thank you very much for reading this/
Hope you'll find it interesting to watch...

Kindest Regards,
Thomas James

Pictures from the film as an example of what it feel / Renamed "L'Histoire d'une Vie dans Les Bois" as the first novel of Felix Salten was in 1923 : Bambi, Eine Lebensgeschichte aus dem Walde.