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Jazkamer 2010 series - last chance for subscription

Posted: Nov 19, 2010

Dear friends of Jazkamer,

The 2010 Jazkamer series has been quite a trip. We’ve made 12 albums in one year, the same amount as in the previous ten years. We tried our best to make all 12 albums strong albums that would stand on their own, and judging from audience reactions we haven’t done too bad. From metal music machine and power noise, to textural goo and spaced-out guitar psychedelia. But no series is complete without a grand finale, the final installment remains; and we promise a really special release.

It’s still possible to sing up for a subscription. But this is the last offer. Once the final release is out, the CDs will be sold at regular prices. If you jump onboard now you’ll get all 12 releases at once in one big package.

Subscription in Europe: 156 US $ (= 13$ per CD, including postage)
Subscription rest of the World: 180 US $ (= 15$ per CD, including postage)

Make payment to Paypal-account:

Still not sure? Here are samples from the various albums:

Solitary Nail

Musica Non Grata

The Monroe Doctrine

Self Portrait

Chestnut Thornback Tar

We Want Epic Drama

Noisecore Snack Bar

Matthew 28:17


Failed State of Mind

Metal Music Machine 2

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