Stephen O’Malley

SUNN O))) & "Bambi"? The miracle of abstract impressionism.

Posted: Oct 1, 2010

Dear Mr O'Malley

We've been in touch for a second a few month ago in Paris when I gave you my re-edited version of Bambi with "Monoliths&Dimensions" as a soundtrack. I was just wondering if you took the time to watch it or not. Did you found this stupid and inapropriate as I thought, or maybe interesting, as I'm not quite sure ? I'm asking because (of course I kept the experience at home) I've showned it to a few friends who also apreciates Sunn, and some of them who don't know your music, and they almost all found it really amazing to join those two pieces together, they were trully enjoying the film. My intention is really not to give you a proof of the quality of my work, because, on the other side, those who didn't like the film just said that the music was not made for this and that's why there is so much distance between the two. Monoliths & Dimensions works by itself, that's obvious ! But that's not the point,
One of my friends who works as a Curator at the Palais de Tokyo (Where I also work) told me that this version of Bambi first seems like a rough mix between two inapropriate parts, 1=Drone, 2=Walt Disney, and that's what is really interesting, when you take a closer look in my proposition, you can feel that the sickness of each pieces are making one very easily. Maybe that's because I've always felt this massive & ambiguous second degré in your music. I mean, yes, it is dark, & trully amazing & beautiful and I did not ear anything like that before, but you are smart, and not so serious... It's just a feeling, that as been confirmed while I was looking "Eternelle Idôle". In the end, the alien, the UFO, that's clear, no ? Maybe I'm wrong & I don't care, but for me that's one of the reasons why Sunn is so important and really good.

I'm trying to explain these feelings in English and that's not easy for me, I just hope I'm clear... I don't want to bother you, just wan't to know if you have any words on these few questions, even if you really found this stupid... ? And if you have not, well, I'll take it as one more mystery blizzard around )))))))))))))))))))))

And by the way, I don't smoke weed, (sometimes yes, but really not often) ! You smoke ! Anybody can tell, on stage....


Thank You, for the music, and for the fog, for the vibrations and for Gisèle Vienne.
Sunn is a trully honorable piece of art.

Thomas James