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Posted: Oct 13, 2010

The WIRED Lab presents:
Stephen O’Malley (Sunn O)))) & Oren Ambarchi performance

During October the Riverina will be resounding with the reverberations of cult experimental guitarists STEPHEN O’MALLEY (USA) and OREN AMBARCHI (AUS).

In a coup of a national scale on Saturday 16th October The WIRED Lab will host the first of O’Malley & Amabrachi’s two Australian performances at the Cootamundra Creative Arts and Cultural Centre.

Both artists are in the Riverina region for a residency at The WIRED Lab, an artist run initiative based in the Cootamundra area, who work with ‘wire’ music, which is sourced from large scale long wire installations pioneered by Dr Alan Lamb.

O’Malley is renowned for his work with Sunn0))), KTL and Khanate. Coined ‘Heady Metal’ by the New York Times, O’Malley’s sounds are big on drone and some say doom, however Sunn0))) are much more than a conventional metal band, O’Malley and co willfully subvert most stereotypes of metal music. They play slow yet extremely loud and take the concept of heaviness to aural and visceral extremes, in O’Malley’s words”… not just hearing it but feeling it”.

Ambarchi, an internationally acclaimed experimental musician, often collaborates with O’Malley and Sunn0))), his subversions of guitar instrumentation create an intriguing multilayered sonic dialogue with O’Malley. Ambarchi and O’Malley’s performance will feature the two on guitar with some electronic elements and other instrumentation.

Saturday 16th October is a night not to be missed, it will be a rare chance to see two internationally acclaimed experimental musicians.

The weekend will also include a two day workshop and performances by Alan Lamb and WIRED Lab members, Ambarchi & O’Malley.

WHERE: Cootamundra Creative Arts and Cultural Centre, 16-20 Wallendoon St Cootamundra
WHEN: 7.00pm
COST: $10 adult, $7 concession

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Alan Lamb has been working with wires since the 70's. He originally started with disused spans of telegraph wires and evolved into building his own that spanned hundreds of metres across the desert and the open landscapes. During this time he developed a technique of attaching stereo contact microphones to record and listen to The Wires. These recordings expose an infinite and amplified universe of sound that sonically reflects the environment and things we cannot see. The Wires sonically reproduces environmental and human interactions with an enormous dynamic range of harmonics and frequencies, often to visceral effect. Whilst having traditional sonic qualities such as pitch, timbre, rhythm and key, the sounds produced are perhaps best described as a deep space atmosphere with earth hums and electro-pings, even insects can be heard as they collide or crawl up and down the wire.

The WIRED Lab is an Artist Run Initiative based in rural South West NSW. It was established in 2007 to ensure the legacy of The Wires, a unique and distinctly Australian invention that primarily exists in rural landscapes. The Wires are inherently interdisciplinary with foundations in sculpture, environmental / land art, sound composition, interactivity, behavioural constructs of old/new media, physics and complex systems sciences. A primary objective of The WIRED Lab is to consolidate Alan's work and create a permanent site for his instrument to be further developed by other artists, and for Alan to devolve his skills and knowledge to as many people as possible. Since its 2007 establishment The WIRED Lab has built several sets of wires, spanning kilometres across the landscape, and presented workshops, concerts, an open day and various publications documenting Alan Lamb and WIRED Lab collaborators.