Stephen O’Malley

Words of wisdom

Posted: Sep 24, 2009

Scott Weinrich: Now I'm an electrician's helper. I make $150 a day, cash. We pull wire, I mule the tools up and down, and I'm learning about electrical stuff. One thing I'll tell you is, when you devote your life to art the way I have, when you devote your life to playing music that's under the radar and out of the mainstream and absolutely refusing to sell out -- I mean, I've had offers from rap dudes who want to buy part of my songs to put in rap songs, and I will not fuckin' do it. No fuckin' way, no how. You could offer me fifty fuckin' grand to take part of my song and put it in a rap song and I will turn you down on the spot, guaranteed. I'll never, ever compromise my art.

And when you have that kind of ideal, you can bet your ass you're never gonna be able to learn a trade, because you're gonna be out struggling on the road. You can bet your ass that you're gonna miss your kids' and your wife's birthdays, you can bet that the most important show you can get is gonna fall on someone's birthday, one of your kids' or your wife. That's the kind of thing you've gotta do. If you're not willing to do that, don't do it.