Stephen O’Malley


Posted: Jun 11, 2009


SUNN O))) & Pansonic- "Che" 10"
(also featuring Alan Vega and Stephen Burroughs)

Although there were no out-takes released from the recent SUNN O))) album "Monoliths and Dimensions" , this 10" vinyl tribute to Suicide released on Blast First is as close to "extra material" from those sessions as we will see. SUNN O))) and Pansonic collaborate on the Suicide cover "Che". Vocals by Joe Preston. Blast First had the enthusiasm to proclaim the words below:
more info on the 10" Suicide tribute series is here:

Limited editon of 1500 White Vinyl & 1500 Clear Vinyl

This is serious......serious as a heart attack!
The hooded ones touch branch wands with the unsmiling Finlanders for six epic minutes.
Joe Preston intones the incantation as inscribed by the seer, Vega.
Sky's crack, lightning bolts rend the sky, Valkyries ride the storm.

Flip the disc,
13 Crosses, 16 Blazin' Skulls.
Sci-Fi electronic metal machine music.
A live in hell 2008 version of a song first heard on Vega's cruelly ignored 2007 album "Station"
All hail.

Lost soulman of the Black Country, Stephen Burroughs, sometimes head Head of "Head of David". Gira-esque acoustic version and Stephen's first visit to a recording studio in near a decade.
Time's a circle.

Twisted tunes in an inside out package.
Beautifully rendered "hidden" drawings by Coulter Jacobsen: drawn and re-drawn from memory.
The best batch yet.....?

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