Stephen O’Malley

Daniel Menche: Atavistic Librarian

Posted: Apr 1, 2009

Yo pardner of black muerte!

After visiting that "witchcraft market" in Mexico City I was eager to get back to my library job to research the beeseegees out of this whole "Saint Muerte" phenomenon. I found a truck load a fascinating stories and GREAT videos. You maybe very interested in some of these tidbits. From the recent news it looks like Saint Muerte is the new BLACK!

Below is a smorgasbord of news stories relating to this exploding religion of death. VERY interesting read considering that Saint Muerte is the god of choice for drug lords. Just last week there was raids through border towns to remove Saint Muerte statues because they are considered somewhat responsible for the violence...(yeah right!). Check out this quote below from a court wiretap of a drug lord who killed two boys.
Police in the U.S. learned about the abductions when the parents of the two boys, the youngest 14 years old, reported them missing. The investigation ended when one of the accused killers, Gabriel Cardona-Ramirez, also known as “Pelon” and “Gaby,” bragged about how the boys were crying when he slashed them to death with a broken bottle, then poured their blood into a cup for a toast.
“Poom! The little cup [drink]! Poom!” Cardona-Ramirez boasted on a federal wiretap planted at a cartel hide-out on Orange Blossom Loop in Laredo. His words were translated into English for U.S. court officials. “I filled it with blood and poom! I dedicated it to La Santisima Muerte” – St. Death.

Very Interesting News stories below all about SAINT DEATH:,0,6329824,full.story,8599,1671984,00.html

Here's the IMDB profile of a 84 minute documentary simply called "Le Santa Muerte" Looks good and it has that hunky Latino lover Gael García Bernal narrating it.....NICE!

I believe this is the official trailer but I could be wrong. Regardless it's fascinating

And finally this great music video about Saint Muerte! You GOTTA check out the music video! It's a total "spit your coffee out funny" Just wait until a few minutes in and the band "magically" appears with Saint Death and dances and sings up a storm.. Very Muerteistico!

Ok! there you go. My librarian skills at work! Hope you dig it!...My students sure did!