Stephen O’Malley

O))) Shoshin London incense ingredients list

Posted: Feb 25, 2009

Hi Stephen,

This is the recipe for “Thee Grimm Robes Incense”

It was gathered and prepared over a seven day period in the mountains and forests of North Wales and the urban metropolitan kaos of Waterloo , London....

Oak Bark, Elder Bark , Ash Leaf, Mountain Ash Berry, Mistletoe, Elder leaf , Lime Flower ,Woodruff ,Yarrow ,Hawthorn leaf ,Fennel Seed , Chamomile Flower ,Patchouli Leaf , Mugwort ,Frankincense Gum ,Mastic Gum ,Copal Gum ,Sandarac ,Damar ,Myrrh Gum, Birch Tar Resin , Galbanum Resin ,Benzoin Resin ,Acacia Gum ,Cedarwood Oil ,Cinnamon Oil , Sandalwood Oil ,Vetivert Oil ,Patchouli Oil ,Honey ,A dramm of fine Scottish single Malt Whisky ,Blood ,Hashish ,Graveyard Dirt and Thee Light ov a Magickal Moon....

Blessed Be

Best Wishes