Stephen O’Malley


Posted: Aug 28, 2008


The aural to the visual, the ears to the eyes, and the ragged run through limbic systems both animal and even vegetable, the graphicists who have made their way into carving a visual fucking identity for our soundtrack are no less compelling visionaries because they deal in imagery. It is the opposite, in fact. The lasting memories of that which is seen, emblematic of the same unspecified disaster that's framed this post-post-modern thing of ours, fiercely clings to our understanding of the place, the space and the time of our lives. Like eight shots across the bow of the lame and the same, Seldon Hunt, Josh Graham, Aaron Turner, Justin Bartlett, Aaron Horkey, Stephen Kasner, Dwid Hellion, and Florian Bertmer contest the assumption that this fine art thing, this aesthete thing, this dainty goddamned pursuit of color, lines, concepts, and meaning need be left to the pampered boulevardiers and galleristas. Far from it, this stuff is coming, not from some place nearly so prosaic as the illusory STREETS, but from the heart, balls and soul of a Promethean desire for ILLUMINATION.

In other words: they're going to SHOW YOU SOMETHING. Whether you like it or not. Whether it serves your purposes or not. Beyond irony and therefore almost outside of comfortable efforts at mockery, THIS art [yeah, I called it art] sidles up to you. It insinuates its way into you and while turning away or closing your eyes is always an option there still is that thing that marks these moments as different and that IS their aural qualities as well. Fury, sound, symbol, and the capture of it all in a flash of light and dark and everything else in between.

This is alright. This is goddamned OK.

And if you leave here unaffected it will be, in all likelihood, because you left here dead.


--Eugene S. Robinson

FIFTY24SF Gallery Proudly Presents the Group Show “Catalyst”

Opening Reception: Thursday, September 4, 2008 from 7 – 9:30 p.m.

“Catalyst” is a group exhibition that will include eight of today's most prominent visual artists from the abrasive music community.

The exhibit will bring together an underground community of artists in which aural and visual expressions converge. Artwork on display will comprise of a wide source of media, including new two-dimensional paintings, drawings, video installations, screen prints as well as an installation of seminal works from each of the artists’ extensive catalogues.

Artists Included: Aaron Turner, Josh Graham, Seldon Hunt, Stephen Kasner,

Aaron Horkey, Florian Bertmer, Justin Bartlett and Dwid Hellion.

Curated by Brett Aronson

The “Catalyst” group show will be on display at FIFTY24SF Gallery September 4 – 25, 2008.

FIFTY24SF Gallery

252 Fillmore St.

San Francisco, CA 94117

For news and updates on the show visit: