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Scotty Hard

Posted: Feb 26, 2008

Roughly a week ago our good friend, collaborator, executive producer and brother Scott Harding (aka Scotty Hard) was in a terrible car accident after leaving his Greenpoint, Brooklyn recording studio. The cab he was in was hit by some kids in a stolen car. From what I've read, police estimate that the car that hit him was going 90mph when the accident happened, and the jaws of life had to be used to get Scott out of the wreckage,

Scott was checked into Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan, where it was determined he had suffered a number of serious injuries, among them a crushed vertebrae (T5).
He presently does not have the use of his legs.

A surgery is scheduled for Thursday. And progress is expected to be slow.
The up side is that I am told Scotty is lucid, and though heavily medicated, cracking inappropriate jokes and being his old self.

Scott is a musician like many of us, and is without health insurance and without any sort of financial safety net.

In addition to health expenses which will be astronomical, there will the matter of studio rent and other bills, which will pile up quickly due to his inability to work.

Scott's friend and business partner Tom Camuso has been amazing in organizing things since the accident. He and his wife have set up a fund in an effort to try to meet the coming financial hurdles.

Info on the fund is at the bottom of this post.
Please help if you can, and think positive thoughts for our good friend.


From Scott's friend Susan's blog:

"A bank account for Scott is being set up; however, if anyone in the meantime wants to contribute donations to help with Scott's immediate financial needs including rent, mixing board payments and creditors, please send checks* to:

Kim Danyluk
6066 54th Street
Maspeth, NY 11378

*Checks should be made payable to TOM CAMUSO."

A Vancouver newspaper story on the accident:

Scott's myspace: