Stephen O’Malley

SUNN conquering LA

Posted: Oct 12, 2008

SUNN conquering LA
SUNN conquering LA

Shoshin/Grimmrobes resounding epic.
Thanks LA for a killer, memorable night.
Portland will be bombed this evening.

pics: Chris Chaffin

SUNN LA show moved

Posted: Oct 10, 2008

SUNN LA show moved

The Safari Sam's SUNN gig tonight has been moved by the promoter to The Regent Theatre in downtown Los Angeles.

448 South Main Street, Los Angeles
Corner of 4th and Main Regent Theatre

Apologies for any inconveniences this may cause, the move was made for reasons beyond the band's control.

Just like the good old days, 10 years ago!


Posted: Oct 5, 2008

Incredible video, in all ways. Check out the audience shots!

Charlemagne Palestine

Posted: Oct 3, 2008

Was fortunate enough to attend this mind bending concert last week in Lausanne.

"charlemagne palestine playing organ live at église saint-françois, lausanne 01.10.2008"