Stephen O’Malley

new O))) Daymare Japan reissues

Posted: Sep 13, 2007

SUNN O))) expanded 2CD edition?2???
10/31 Hell-O)))-ween release!!
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The Grimmrobe Demos (DYMC-023 3,360yen
bonus disc: Live At Gabah / Anti Club '99

OO Void (DYMC-024 3,360yen
bonus disc: OO Void remix by Stephen Stapleton (NURSE WITH WOUND)

Flight Of The Behemoth (DYMC-025 3,360yen
bonus disc: SUNN O))) with MERZBOW at Earthdom, Tokyo 2007

Looks like 00VOID will be a bit later, mid-November, FOTB bonus material is actually 2 new tracks "O))) BOW 3 & 4" creaated by Masami Akita using multitrack material from said perforamance.