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Posted: Aug 20, 2007


Miles Davis' On the Corner Given Box Set Treatment

In the vein of The Complete In a Silent Way Sessions and The Complete Jack Johnson Sessions, Columbia/Legacy will release a six-disc box set version of Miles Davis' seminal On the Corner titled, yep, The Complete On the Corner Sessions.

Originally released in 1972 as the studio follow-up to A Tribute to Jack Johnson, On the Corner found Davis using synthesizers and distorted electric guitars in the creation of what was basically funk music, and it remains one of his more divisive records, even among fans of his often-noisier electric period. It also made it onto our "Top 100 Albums of the 1970s" list at #30.

The Complete On the Corner Sessions comes out September 18, and it features newly mixed and mastered versions of these tracks as well as plenty of liner notes-- everything from general memories of Davis to accounts of the album's recording.

The Complete On the Corner Sessions:

Disc 1:

01 On the Corner [unedited master]
02 On the Corner [take four]
03 One and One [unedited master]
04 Helen Butte/Mr. Freedom X [unedited master]
05 Jabali

Disc 2:

01 Ife
02 Chieftain
03 Rated X
04 Turnaround
05 U-Turnaround

Disc 3:

01 Billy Preston
02 The Hen
03 Big Fun/Holly-wuud [take 2]
04 Big Fun/Holly-wuud [take 3]
05 Peace
06 Mr. Foster

Disc 4:

01 Calypso Frelimo
02 He Loved Him Madly

Disc 5:

01 Maiysha
02 Mtume
03 Mtume [take 11]
04 Hip-Skip
05 What They Do
06 Minnie

Disc 6:

01 Red China Blues
02 On the Corner/New York Girl/Thinkin' of One Thing and Doin' Another/Vote for Miles
03 Black Satin
04 One and One
05 Helen Butte/Mr. Freedom X
06 Big Fun
07 Holly-wuud

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