Stephen O’Malley

KTL: Körkarlen/The Phantom Carriage DVD

Posted: Oct 15, 2007


Over the summer, KTL composed a musical score for a new DVD release of the 1921 Swedish film, "Körkarlen" known in English as "The Phantom Carriage", directed by Victor Sjöström. Sjöström is often cited for being a principle inspiration/influence on Ingmar Bergman and even appeared as the character Dr. Isak Borg in his 1957 classic "Smultronstället" or "Wild Strawberries".

"The Phantom Carriage" represents some of the earliest attempts of interpreting supernaturalism, illusion and dream in cinema. The forays into special effects remain to this day brilliant and original formats of early cinematic collage.

Here's the IMDB page on "Körkarlen".

This DVD version will be released by the UK's Tartan DVD on 12th November.

Below please see 4 youtube previews along with the cover design, which I had the pleasure of working on, and working with some of the original film stills from 1921... so beautiful!

Enjoy and thanks for reading.