Stephen O’Malley


Posted: Apr 4, 2006

9th April Brussels Domino Festival w/Boris

Special all Moog & oscillator set. Lineup to include: Tos, Atsuo Mizuno, Julian Cope, Greg Anderson, Stephen O'malley

The latest on our US/Canadian actions for May:

18th May Boston Middle East (downstairs) w/Grief & Sin of Angels
20th May Victoriaville FIMAV w/Haino Keiji
22nd May Toronto Music Gallery
23rd May Grand Rapids Institute of Contemporary Arts
25th May Minneapolis Walker Art Center w/Boris
26th May Chicago Logan Square w/Boris, Kevin Drumm
27th May Columbus Walker Center w/Boris
28th May Youngstown Emmisions From the Monolith w/Boris
30th May New York Avalon w/Boris

Lineup for the above concerts: Mark Deutrom, Oren Ambarchi, Greg Anderson, Stephen O'Malley, Atsuo Mizuno will join us from MNPLS onward

On 2nd of June we will be participating in a gallery action in London, at Maureen Paley, in a collaboration with the sculptor Banks Violette. The opening is between 6-8 PM. This is not a typical concert, and will not be able to be viewed as such, SUNN will be creating in a closed room, outside of the opening (although it's certainly going to be audible). The project is enormous on scale.

Line up for the Paley action: Mark Deutrom, Attila Csihar, TOS, Greg Anderson, Stephen O'Malley

Maureen Paley
21 Herald Street
London E2 6JT

t: +44 (0)207 729 4112
f: +44 (0)207 729 4113

I will be performing in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem together with Oren Ambarchi in mid-July!!! More info to come

SHADE (Dylan Carlson and myself) will be performing at the Supersonic Festival in Birmingham on 22nd July.