Stephen O’Malley


Posted: Nov 22, 2006


Welcome to another Inoxia Records newsletter.
The recent U.S tour was great, thanks for all the support to those who made
it to the shows. It was greatly appreciated.


2- New Stock
3- Coming soon$B!D(B
4- Additional Info$B!D(B



Sunn 0))) & Boris / Altar (Inoxia Japan version)
The Japanese version of Altar comes with an additional bonus track on the
main disc (subsequent pressings will still include this bonus track) and the
first 1000 come with a limited bonus disc. We are accepting preorders now.
Order now to make sure you get the first pressing with the extra disc!
We start shipping on the 27th of Nov.

2- New stock

Daymare Recordings has decided to re-issue Khanate's 1st and 2nd albums,
Khanate and Things Viral; Both have Japanese only bonus discs with Live
versions and remixes etc.
The release date is December the 1st and we are accepting pre-orders now, we
start shipping on the 27th. If you order via EMS you may receive them at the
release date!

Please note, we also stock more Daymare Recordings titles now, such as Isis,
Cave In, Doomriders and Jesu. These are listed on the website, and don't
miss the free CD!

3- Coming soon$B!D(B

Boris with Michio Kurihara / Rainbow CD - Released on Pedal Records.
The release date is December the 23rd and we will announce via newsletter
when we start accepting pre-orders.
Vinyl version will be released on Inoxia Records next year.

4- Additional Info$B!D(B


We are very sorry for the delay in shipping the Dronevil T-shirt, Due to
delays in printing and the vast amount of orders, some were delayed. Sorry
about that and thanks for your patience.

Ii)-Trouble with the post office.

Several delays were reported for orders shipped on the 25th of September.
There were many orders going to many different countries. We guess it was
the Japanese post office's fault.
We feel very sorry about that, but we can$B!G(Bt be held responsible for delays
caused by the post office or by customs.
This is a very rare case infact, It$B!G(Bs the first time in 10 years of Inoxia
Records Mail order history (one or two happen per year maybe, but never this
many at one time), if you really wish to receive your order quickly and
efficiently please upgrade the shipping method to EMS. Then you can track
your order by the tracking number received at confirmation of shipment.
Otherwise please understand that Airmail and SAL are not guaranteed.


Thanks for reading, this email was sent to customers who have ordered
through the website and those who have requested to receive it, if you do
not wish to receive further emails from us please let us know.

Enju Tanahashi
Inoxia Records