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They Just Wanna Give You The Creeps

Posted: Aug 31, 2005

They Just Wanna Give You The Creeps

How did we get from Black Sabbath (inventors of “doom metal”) to Khanate?

Doom is at this point nearly as wide-open as metal itself. The label encompasses everything from outright Sab clones like Saint Vitus to bad-trip soundscapers like Esoteric and Electric Wizard, from Southern-rock-infused purveyors of filthy noise like Eyehategod and Sourvein to the Japanese experimentalists Boris, who’ve done everything from semi-ambient drone pieces to rifftastic monoliths of roar. But Khanate is the ba...

making friends everwhere

Posted: Aug 30, 2005

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KRAPANTE, August 28, 2005
Reviewer: Tommy Tucker "aquatic avenger" (Augusta, GA USA) - See all my reviews

This cd was a total waste of money, and I can't believe these guys are passing this off as music. I have a pretty open mind when it comes to music, and I like a lot of releases on the Hydrahead label like; Jesu, Pelican, Isis, and Old man Gloom, etc. This cd is composed of some guy screaming poetry, and an occasional bang on a drum or guit...

KHNT tour update

Posted: Aug 29, 2005

KHNT tour update

KHANATE vs East of the Mississippi: It's Cold When Birds Fall From The Sky Tour 0905
Sat Sept 17, Brooklyn, NY - The Hook w/ Circle, Growing
Sun Sept 18, Boston, MA - Great Scott w/Kayo Dot
Mon Sept 19, Burlington, VT - Higher Ground w/ Wolf Eyes
Tues Sept 20, Montreal, QB - La Salla Rosa w/ Nadja
Wed Sept 21, Ottawa, ON - Mavericks
Thurs Sept 22, Toronto, ON - Sneaky Dees w/ Nadja
Fri Sept 23, Detroit, MI - Magic Stick w/ Earth
Sat Sept 24, Madison, WI - Memorial Union w/ Mouth of the Architect
Sun S...


Posted: Aug 27, 2005


VOIVOD Guitarist DENIS 'PIGGY' D'AMOUR Dead Of Colon Cancer - Aug. 27, 2005

VOIVOD guitarist Denis "Piggy" D'Amour passed away Friday night (August 26) at approximately 11:45 p.m. due to complications from advanced colon cancer — so advanced that the disease had spread to his liver. D'Amour slipped into a coma Thursday night and died less than 24 hours later in the palliative care unit of a Montreal hospital, surrounded by family and friends. He was 45 years old.

Quebec City newspaper Le Soleil...

An incredible new reference work:

Posted: Aug 24, 2005

An incredible new reference work:

_The Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Plants: Ethnopharmacology and Its
By Christian Rätsch
Foreword by Albert Hofmann
Translated by John R. Baker, with assistance from Annabel Lee and
Cornelia Ballent

ISBN: 0-89281-978-2

Hardcover, 944 pages; 8.50 (width) x 11.00 (height)
797 color photographs and 645 b&w illustrations
Park Street Press, $125.00

The most comprehensive guide to the botany, history, distribution, and cultivation of all known psychoactive plants

In the traditions of every c...

RIP Moog

Posted: Aug 22, 2005

RIP Moog
RIP Moog


ASHEVILLE, N.C. — August 21, 2005 — Bob died this afternoon at his home in Asheville, N.C. He was 71. Bob was diagnosed with brain cancer (glioblastoma multiforme or GBM) in late April 2005. He had received both radiation treatment and chemotherapy to help combat the disease. He is survived by his wife, Ileana, his five children, Laura Moog Lanier, Matthew Moog, Michelle Moog-Koussa, Renee Moog, and Miranda Richmond; and the mother of his children, Shirleigh Moog.

Bob wa...


Posted: Aug 20, 2005

Thanks to Brandon Stosuy for the hook up.