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Posted: Jul 15, 2005

From Tibet:

15 July 2005
Current 93 & special guests live in San Francisco: 4 & 5 November, 2005

BLACK SHIPS EAT THE SKY: Current 93 will be playing two shows at San Francisco's Great American Music Hall on Friday 4 and Saturday 5 November. Also appearing over this weekend, we are delighted and honoured to announce, will be OM, BABY DEE and SIMON FINN on Friday 4, and OM, SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE and PANTALEIMON on Saturday 5. Tickets are $30 and go on sale on Sunday 17 July. They are available online from and They are also available from the GAMH box office (+1 415.885.0750) and Slim's box offices (+1 415.255.0333). Special items will also be available at the show from some or all of the groups. We are very much looking forward to seeing you all again in this, one of our favourite cities.

"How He Loved the Moon" special edition of 1 copy box set to be auctioned on eBay with all profits going to the John Bradburne Society

A special edition of 1 copy of the recent and beautiful HOW HE LOVED THE MOON wooden box edition on Beta-lactam Ring is to be auctioned on eBay with all monies going to the John Bradburne Society This wooden box edition was originally released in an edition of 31 copies at a price of US$425 each: 20 copies were for sale (and sold out months in advance) and 11 copies were given to the artists involved. This edition has: the 2LP of HOW HE LOVED THE MOON in RED vinyl; the 7" picture disc; the 2-sided 7" acetate of MOONBIRD FOR JHONN featuring Ben Chasny and David Michael; a handwritten manuscript in David's hand of the lyrics to MOONBIRD; a photograph of Jhonn Balance and another photograph of David and Steven Stapleton; a 1-sided card thanking all those involved in this charitable edition; and a hand-printed 4-page card, signed by David, featuring the text of the lyrics to MOONBRID and with this extra text on:

"This is an edition of 1 numbered copy, signed by the author, inserted into the Beta-lactam Ring wooden-box auction edition of of 'How He Loved The Moon'. Also included is a holograph manuscript of the 'Moonbird' text in the hand of someone who when he wrote it was David Tibet. All monies from the auction of this item will go to the John Bradburne Memorial Society for their work to the Mutemwa Leprosy Mission in Zimbabwe. My thanks to whoever bought this for their kindness and charity."

Chris McBeth of BlR has also very kindly offered a 100$ credit for the winner of this auction for any BlRR releases.

The item can be found under the Seller ID blrrecords-dot-com on The auction starts on Friday, 15 July, 2005.

David meets the green fairy

David has been commissioned to design the label for a bottle of absinthe. He is very very delighted to accept. This absinthe will be generally available, though the best place to purchase it from is direct from Absinthvertrieb Lion. They can ship orders worldwide. There will also be a limited edition of 93 in a special wooden case with printed C93 image on the lid. This case will include: a bottle of absinthe with the label signed by David; 2 absinthe glasses; 2 absinthe spoons; and a limited CD only available in the special edition featuring a song with David on vocals and Ben Chasny on guitar. For more details contact Markus and Absinthevertrieb. The website is available in English, German and French.

Markus Lion
Absinthvertrieb Lion
Neudorfstrasse 6c
D-79331 Teningen

Phone +49 7641 9359476
Fax +49 7641 9359477

Black Ships Ate the Sky

The proposed release date for this album is November 2005. However, as recording continues, we do not even yet know if it will be a single or a double CD, so much depends on the recording which throws up new ideas constantly.

Black Ships Ate the Sky videos

Two videos will also be recorded during September for those tracks released on AT SUNSET BLACK SHIPS ATE THE SKY (the 'Coptic' CD single from Toronto). These will be released about the same time as the album. They are both being filmed by our friend Cam Archer, to whom we were introduced by Ben Chasny and Stephanie Volkmar. Cam did an absolutely heartbreaking video for Six Organs of Admittance's 'All You've Left', which can be seen, along with his other beautiful films, at Six Organs supply a lot of the music for his films, and Stephanie Volkmar has worked extensively with Cam on his films on design and costumes. I love this man and I love his films.

Current 93 and Nurse With Wound official downloads to be available soon

Due to demand and the continuation of illegal download sites, C93 and NWW material will soon be downloadable in high quality from State 51, who have also been handling Coil's work in this area. More details as soon as some material is ready to go up to come down.

Durtro Mail Order shop

Closure: We have had to close the shop, as you may have noticed, as we have become inundated with huge amounts of orders, and wanted to process them all and ship them out before recieving more. The shop will reopen next week.

Coptic T-shirts: Many of the T-shirt sizes sold out immediately. These have now come back into stock and those who have not yet received them will be doing so very soon. Apologies-we were really caught unaware as to how popular a T-shirt in Coptic would be!

Important notice: The majority of items available from the shop are now manufactured in, and shipped from, our base in Toronto, Canada, so orders may take longer for customers in Europe to receive than they were used to when we used to ship from the UK. However, the postage costs will remain unchanged.

Under the Rain and Teeth of Gods lyric book

Due to the huge delays with this book (which David is still, needless to say, working on), we have to decided to process ALL orders remaining in the online shop. EVERYONE who has pre-ordered this book up to the present date in either the special (with artwork and CD) or standard format (with CD), will be receiving a special item which will be shipped at the same time as the book. If someone has ordered multiple copies of UNDER THE RAIN, they will receive the same number of copies of this special item.

We have also closed the pre-order facility for this book. No further orders will be taken for UNDER THE RAIN AND TEETH OF GODS book until it is published. On publication the standard fomat (without CD) will be added to the shop.

Thank you all again for your patience with this book. David never realised how much time it would take to collate and complete. It will, as he has said 93 times before, be worth the wait?

Brainwashed Current 93 site

Our friend SKot Kirkwood has done an amazing job over the years on this site, as has Jon Whitney of Brainwashed in hosting it. It was originally the 'Official Current 93' site, but SKot's increasing busyness with other areas of his life, as well as other life changes, mean that it has not been updated for a very long time. So we have removed the 'Official' name from the site, whilst keeping it on Brainwashed as a valuable and living C93 archive. It will also, Jon informs us, be subject to some major updating in the near future. THANK YOU SKOT for creating this site, and THANK YOU JON for maintaining it. We are very grateful for all you have done and will do on our behalf. Those interested in volunteering to help to add to, and update, the Brainwashed archive can contact Jon through The only official site for C93 and Durtro is now

Forthcoming collaborations

David has been invited to be on new albums by Gary Smith, an amazingly inventive and talented guitar player, who of course is a member of Bill Fay Group. He is also to be featured on new records by Andrew Liles, (ext.) and Gary Ramon's Quad spaceship project.

At the moment I love

I recently saw with Joe Budenholzer the film DIG! which covers the careers and rivalries of US groups the Dandy Warhols and the Brain Jonestown Massacre. Though I didn't know anything about either the members or the music of these groups, I highly recommend this real-life slice of Spinal Tap. It also includes a couple of sweet interviews with Genesis P-Orridge. I also noticed that Anton Newcombe, the crazed poncho-wearing charismatic who leads the BJM, is wearing a Death In June T-shirt in a scene at the end of the film. My favourite character by far in the film if the maraca- and tambourine-wielding Joel Gion, whom Ben Chasny then told me was a friend of his. This man Joel is the unsung genius of the 2 groups!

I also have loved watching THE RAPTURE, NAPOLEON DYNAMITE.

I am listening to OM's HOLY MOUNTAIN still, and Mellow Candle's SWADDLING SONGS.

And I read and read and read and sometimes I drink wine and am sick and sometimes I drink beer and am unsick. And overall I am as happy as the Ladybird Template.