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Posted: May 29, 2005

New items in the [SHOP]

Updated 0529

Archive 2005

Edition of 500. Textural duet hovering in Fripp/Eno & SUNN territories. Recently were honored by supporting BOREDOMS here in NYC!

Archive is the label who released SUNN Livewhite last Autumn.

"76 Min Live CD of complete drone bliss, contains two complete live shows. Recording mastered by James Plotkin. 2.5 panel glossy foldout sleeve printed on both sides packed in a mylar sleeve."


boris // a bao a qu Picture 7"
SuperFi Records 2005

We love boris. This is one of the best ideas for a picture disc I have seen, image seems embedded in black vinyl. Look for me to lift this idea very soon.

The two tunes here are beautiful snapshots of decayed rock ideal. More into the ambient territories with patience and calm.

(from the label's site)
The lyrics for song 2 are as follows:
"Mure wo sute,
nao motomeru,
tsunagari wo,
omae wa naze tooi,
ima hi wa ugoiteiru,
owaru koto,
hajimaru koto,
umare kite,
kuchiru koto wo oshie"

which roughly translates as:
"Abandon the herd,
and still desire,
the relationship,
why are you so distant,
now the sun moves,
the ending,
the beginning,
teach to be born,
and to fall apart"

Also, A Bao A Qu is a character from the Indian Jainism book. It is a semi-transparent creature who dwells in the bottom of the Tower Of Victory, and accompanies visitors to the top of the Tower. As it goes higher up, its body becomes more visible and colourful. Also, it should be noted that A Bao A Qu is also the name of the fortress / military base that appears in the Japanese anime Mobile Suit Gundam. Make of this what you will! Many thanks to Tomoyuki-san for the translation.

I have 10 copies, that's more than Aquarius Records recieved!


Coming soon:

psi // artificially retarded soul care operators mini-gatefold CD

Captured live and in the studio over the past two years, Artificially Retarded Soul Care Operators is the definitive psi blast of true and pure sacrificial brain-rot. A fifty-minute collection of densely cultivated mitherings from the unforeseen masters of complete silence.

Featuring beautiful ull color gatefold cover art and poster by Fritz Welch and Stephen O'Malley


said front cover