Stephen O’Malley


Posted: May 18, 2005

We are working on the following dates

JULY 22/23 NYC supporting HARVEY MILK (yes, they are recordinga new album for TMU and doinga few dates) TBC

Autumnal Equinox actions (all dates TBC):

Sat 17, New York, NY / Brooklyn, NY/ BARD, NY
Sun 18, Boston, MA
Mon 19, Burlington, VT
Tues 20, Montreal, QB
Wed 21, Montreal/Toronto
Thurs 22, Toronto, ON
Fri 23, Detroit, MI / Kalamazoo
Sat 24, Milwaukee, WI
Sun 25, Chicago, IL (Wire Adventures in Modern music Fest)
Tues 27, Columbus, OH
Wed 28, Lexington, KY
Thurs 29, Nashville, TN
Fri 30 Atlanta, GA
Sat 01 Asheville, NC
Sun 02 Ralliegh, NC / Winston-Salem, NC
Mon 03, Charlottesville, VA
Tues 04, Baltimore, MD
Wed 05, New York, NY / Brooklyn, NY/ BARD, NY

If you are interested in helping out please contact our booking agent at

Capture & Release will be out August 13 on HHR. There will be a preorder available with limited edition shirt or hoodie from late July. A picture 12" will appear on Trust no One as well.

More info soon.