Stephen O’Malley

Ruling Reed

Posted: Apr 29, 2005

No wait, it's Lou Reed.
drjaybabcock: 1969 interview

drjaybabcock: "...Once you get up to a certain level, I mean, I don't play my guitar like a guitar, I think of it like a tuba, you understand?
drjaybabcock: "It's not a guitar, it's a tuba...I usually think of myself as a renaissance chorus on the guitar... I mean, I know a lot of guitar players do that.
drjaybabcock: "You go like this on the fuz, daaaaaaa--and what happens is that you don't get just one note like a guitar, you may get eight notes, like daaahhhhhhheeeee...
drjaybabcock: "You start hearing some really strange things... We used to call it the Cloud, and like, on certain songs, we used to consciously enter the Cloud and you just hear all these funny things.
drjaybabcock: "They're not you, but you know they're being caused by the guitar, right?...and it's not just me, I mean, I've had people come up to me and say 'Man! Who was singing those choir parts? Who was playing trumpet?' There's no trumpet.
drjaybabcock: "The thing is, if you know how to operate an amplifier and make all these things happen...and like, we do, but I don't want to spend all my life doin' it. Like, there's no candy stores. I'd like to go for a soda."
drjaybabcock: THE CLOUD!

drjaybabcock: It's from a new book out
drjaybabcock: called "All Yesterdays' Parties: The Velvet Underground in Print, 1966-1971"

: that was an interview from a mag called Open City