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From Madeline

Posted: Mar 23, 2005

From Madeline


To all kindred spirits who have an interest in things Pagan and
Odinnic: I am availing fine art prints of my recent painting, "Odinn
Exchanging His Eye for Wisdom." A small image of the painting appears
at the bottom of this email, or you can view a larger version here:

This artwork adorns the cover of the brand new book, "On Being a Pagan",
by Alain deBenoist. Prior to creating the painting, I spent much time
searching and ruminating about what one image could illustrate the
Pagan's path. Finally I chose the image of Odinn at Mimir's well, his
hand holding the unthinkable sacrifice of his own eye, the price he
deemed fair for wisdom and growth. I hope others find inspiration in
this lesson, as I do.

The signed, Iris digital reproductions are perfect in every detail,
printed with archival inks on 30 lb Somerset watercolor paper. Quite
simply these are the best prints money can buy. They can be purchased
securely with Paypal (you do not need a Paypal account to buy), at this
page of my website: Prints measure
16 x 20" and are unframed. Price is $129. Please email me if you would
prefer to send a paper payment.

I would like to also mention that the book, "On Being a Pagan," on whose
cover my painting appears, can be purchased from the publisher, Ultra
(who also bring us Tyr Journal), for $20 post-paid. Payment for the
book can be sent to:

Post Office Box 11736
Atlanta, GA, 30355

For international prices or other inquiries of Ultra, email:

Please feel free to email me with any questions you might have about the
prints. And, thank you kindly for your interest.

Regards to all,

Madeline von Foerster