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Posted: Sep 27, 2004



A Plexifilm Release / A ZU33 Production
executive producers GARY HUSTWIT / KEITH YORK
written and directed by HANS FJELLESTAD

MOOG trailer [1:44]

MOOG hits theaters September 24
Press Contact: Gabriele Caroti

Bob Moog (b. 1934) has been inventing and building electronic musical instruments for nearly half a century. Still active in his workshop in rural North Carolina, Moog continues to shape musical culture with some of the most inspiring instruments ever created.

Moog explains that he "can feel what's going on in a piece of electronic equipment... it's something between discovering and witnessing."

And he is convinced that many musicians come to "feel" a circuit in a similar way. "They make contact." In fact, musicians make such strong emotional connections with the electronics inside a Moog synthesizer that Moog himself has reached cult hero status.

Moog has not only made prodigious contributions to modern music and culture, but he has become a character within an unfolding "American maverick inventor" mythology. Moog certainly walks and talks the "mad scientist" part, complete with the fly-away white hair, intense eyes, eccentric mannerisms and a head full of stories.

This feature documentary film – by filmmaker/musician Hans Fjellestad and the producer team behind Frontier Life (2003) – explores Moog's collaborations with musicians over the years, and his ideas about creativity, design, interactivity and spirituality. The film was shot on location in Asheville, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tokyo and London, featuring appearances by Keith Emerson, Walter Sear, Gershon Kinsgley, Jean-Jacques Perrey & Luke Vibert, Rick Wakeman, DJ Spooky, Herb Deutsch, Bernie Worrell, Pamelia Kurstin, Tino Corp. with Charlie Clouser, Money Mark, Mix Master Mike, and an eclectic mix of performers.

Artists such as Stereolab, Meat Beat Manifesto, Tortoise, Money Mark, Luke Vibert & Jean-Jacques Perrey, 33, Moog Cookbook, Plastiq Phantom, Psilonaut, Bernie Worrell & Bootsy Collins, Roger O'Donnell, The Album Leaf, Pete Devriese, Bostich, Charlie Clouser, Baiyon, Suzanne Ciani, Gershon Kingsley, Doug McKechnie, Electric Skychurch and others are contributing original music produced on Moog instruments for the soundtrack.

Additional discoveries like vintage films borrowed from dusty private collections round out this stylized, wonderfully strange story of a true American maverick.

Theatrical release opens September 2004 and DVD release worldwide Spring 2005 – distributed by Plexifilm. The soundtrack CD is available now on Hollywood Records.

Look here for more info on the film's website.