Stephen O’Malley

NAZGUL'S 10th Anniversary

Posted: Apr 20, 2004

Cult German label sent me this news today

The Past Is Alive...

As of this moment you can officially preorder the first 6 albums of the NAZGULS EYRIE 10th anniversary reprint series at !

The albums in question are:
DAWNFALL "Dominance Of Darkness"
BEHEMOTH "... From The Pagan Vastlands"
COUNTESS "Ad Maiorem Sathanae Gloriam"
MORTUARY DRAPE "Secret Sudaria"
BARATHRUM "Infernal"

All albums are limited to 666 handnumbered copies and the original artwork and sound is used. If you always wanted to complete your NAZGULS EYRIE collection and didnĀ“t want to go through eGay now is your chance.

If you have any questions contact, if you run a distro and want to buy wholesale contact ! Please keep in mind that we are on vacation as of today and until June 1st 2004 CE so answering mail is not our top priority.