Stephen O’Malley

SUNN O))) Solstice Peel Session

Posted: Dec 21, 2004

SUNN O))) Solstice Peel Session

Solstice blessings to ye. On the shortest day of the year for the north, look to the sky and greet the moon as she vividly calls for the return of her muse, the solar eminence.

On December 9th SUNN O))) recorded our first Peel Session, sadly posthumously of Peel, but commissioned by him before his passing.

SUNN O))) "CANDLEWOLF OF THE GOLDEN CHALICE" (19'30") PEEL SESSION broadcasts live on 21st December 2004 on BBC1.

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This track is a fusion of live old and new SUNN O))) approaches, with power trio drone/riffing combined with a significantly blissful drone section featuring harmonium & tamboura! The track should be archived on the BBC1 site for some time if you miss the broadcast...

Lineup for this session:

Rex Ritter: Lead MicroMoog
Savage Pencil: Tamboura
Anthony Sylvester: Harmonium, Sruti Box
Greg Anderson: Axe, MicroMoog
Stephen O'Malley: Gloom Axe, Harmonium

Augury of CandleWolf via SAVX 04