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i-D vs SOMA pt1

Posted: Nov 26, 2004

i-D vs SOMA pt1

I don't own a record label, on the contrary.
Pt2= SUNN O))) piece. THX Glynnis.

SUNN tour update

Posted: Nov 26, 2004


Birmingham - Black Galaxy
Nottingham - Hototogisu + Opaque + They Live!
Newcastle - Atavist + MARZURAAN
Glasgow - Sunburned Hand of The Man
Belfast - Captain Insano + Killing Spree
Dublin - No Support (Early Show)
ATP - That night, Pelican, SUNN O))), The Fall, Violent Femmes
Manchester - The End + Transmission 0 + Atavist + Esoteric
London - Whithouse
Bristol - Moss + Geisha

MANCHESTER venue changed to Satan's Hollow

final SUNN dates

Posted: Nov 24, 2004

final SUNN dates

We're flying to the old country friday. Looking forward to seeing all of the hordes! Below are the final dates. Please note Thessoloniki was cancelled, as was the Greek L.A.M.F. gig, unfortunately. Athens will slay however, and Cope is joining us there, as well as some of the UK dates possibly. Holy McGrail will join 4-5 dates in UK, Attila Csihar will be present at ATP, Manchester and London, Peter Rehberg will bless us with his grace in London also. Peel Session on the 9th to include Savage...

Runhild vs SUNN 0803

Posted: Nov 23, 2004

Runhild vs SUNN 0803

Just recieved this amazing photo I needed to share with you all. From a O))) PDX show in the summer of 03.

SUNN meets John Wiese!

Posted: Nov 19, 2004

SUNN meets John Wiese!

Great performance in LA's Knitting Factory last night... SF show on Sunday will have a lineup of: Greg Anderson, John Wiese, Gerritt, Nate Carson and myself! Should be cosmic mind...

Overcoming dualism through hallucinogens.

Posted: Nov 19, 2004

by Dr. Susan Blackmore

New Scientist, 13 November 2004 p 36
(box within cover story "The Intoxication Instinct" by Helen Phillips and Graham Lawton)

Note: This is the original version, and was slightly edited for publication.

Psychedelic drugs provide some of the best evidence we have that the mind is the brain; that our thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions are created by chemistry. Take a drug, particularly a hallucinogen, and any of these can change, and even our innermost selves can be q...


Posted: Nov 15, 2004


IT IS WRITTEN in The Book of the Law:

"Every man and every woman is a Star.

"It is Our Lady of the Stars that speaketh to thee, O thou that art a star, a member of the Body of Nuith! Listen, for thine ears become dulled to the mean noises of the earth; the infinite silence of the Stars woos thee with subtile musick.

Behold her bending down above thee, a flame of blue, all-touching, all-penetrant, her lovely hands upon the black earth, and her lithe body arched for love, and her soft feet not hu...


Posted: Nov 14, 2004


Rapper collapses and dies aged 35

Rap artist ODB (Ol' Dirty Bastard), one of the most colourful characters in the world of hip-hop, has died aged 35.

ODB, real name Russell Jones, collapsed and died at the Manhattan recording studio in New York on Saturday.

A spokesman for his record company, Gabe Tesoriero, said the rapper, who had complained of chest pains, was dead by the time paramedics reached him.

ODB - whose most famous song was Got Your Money - had recently finished a prison sentence...

The continuing saga of a legend

Posted: Nov 10, 2004

The continuing saga of a legend
The continuing saga of a legend
The continuing saga of a legend
The continuing saga of a legend

Norwegian black metallers GORGOROTH made headlines in major Latin American newspapers after the audience rioted at their show in San Salvador (capital of El Salvador) on Saturday (Nov. 6). According to a posting on the band's web site, "the audience got so ecstatic over the presence of the first black metal act visiting their country that the situation got totally out of control. The security and the police could not handle the people outside the venue so they had to call in the special force...


Posted: Nov 6, 2004


Cover artwork for the LIVEWHITE tour CDR set (5"+3" CDRs), featuring liveset recording from last summer's North Six date in Brooklyn.

Set is edition of 200 copies, available on sale at the upcoming RATHER GRIMM dates, and afterward direct from the label ARCHIVE via mailorder.

Moore sarcasm and bad sports metaphors

Posted: Nov 5, 2004

Friday, November 5th, 2004
17 Reasons Not to Slit Your Wrists...
by Michael Moore

Dear Friends,

Ok, it sucks. Really sucks. But before you go and cash it all in, let's, in the words of Monty Python, “always look on the bright side of life!” There IS some good news from Tuesday's election.

Here are 17 reasons not to slit your wrists:

1. It is against the law for George W. Bush to run for president again.

2. Bush's victory was the NARROWEST win for a sitting president since Woodrow Wilson in 191...


Posted: Nov 5, 2004

Empty space voted for Bush -- that's interesting. Bonnie (my wife, for those of you who I don't know but am nonetheless polluting your mailboxes) suggested that people who live in close quarters with others have found it necessary and good to be tolerant and get along with one another. Perhaps they have also learned that their happiness and well being depends in some part on the happiness and well being of their neighbors. Strangely, I think those were supposed to be the small town values tha...

SUNN O))) vs CA 1104

Posted: Nov 1, 2004

Knitting Factory Los Angeles
Sunn 0))), Earth, The Hidden Hand, John Wiese
Price: ADV $11.00 | DOS $13.00
Date: Thu, Nov 18 // Start Time: 7:30 PM
Wiese will be performing with SUNN O))) in LA

Independent San Francisco
SUNN O))), OM (Rhythm section of SLEEP) • Hidden Hand (feat. Wino)
Sunday November 21 //Doors 7 PM | Show 8 PM
Tickets $11 Adv | $13 Door
Gerritt & Nate Carson will be performing with SUNN O))) in SF