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EARTH Divine and Bright 7

Posted: Sep 13, 2003

EARTH Divine and Bright 7
EARTH Divine and Bright 7

AUTOFACT's first release is out! Josh Hunt didnt start the label on a slow note, the first baby is an EARTH 7" featuring the 1990 version of Divine and Bright and a live recording of the same track (from Seattle at The Crocidile Café) .

One of our design heros,Halvor Bodin, curated visuals (see below).

more info in the label's words:

Autofact Records debut release

EARTH 'divine and bright' 45 rpm 7" ep / fact01
side a : 'divine and bright' original demo recording / remastered by Roger Seibel
side b : 'divine and bright' live instrumental version recorded 02/03 in seattle
sleeve design / photography by Halvor Bodin (
available for mailorder September 22nd via /
in stores shortly thereafter via southern distribution & revolver distribution