Stephen O’Malley


Posted: Nov 18, 2003



Montague Summers & The British Society for the Study of Sex Psychology • Blackpool's Lost Waxworks • The Psychology of Electronic Voice Phenomena • Schizophrenia and Suburban Spaces

Anarchist Bombers of the 19th Century • The Cargo Cults of Vanuatu • The Astounding Worlds of David Lindsay • Drinking with Derek Raymond and Patrick Hamilton • Herworld • India's Sadhus • Glasgow Psychogeography • Imaginary Cults of London

HP Lovecraft, 9/11 and the Return of the Great Old Ones • Eric Count Stenbock & the Myth of Punch • Hair Sculpture • Mind Control at Greenham Common • Monte Verita Artists' and Anarchists' Commune • Hidden Ciphers in Great Literature .

With written and visual contributions from:
Timothy d'Arch Smith • Joe Banks • Ken Hollings • Mike Jay • Xtina Lamb • John Lundberg • Alex Martin • Tom McCarthy • Drew Mulholland • Doug Skinner • Eric Count Stenbock • David Tibet • Cathi Unsworth • Mark Valentine • Tom Vater • Father Alan Walker • Cathy Ward • Justin Woodman .

Strange Attractor celebrates unpopular culture. We declare war on mediocrity and a pox on the foot soldiers of stupidity. Join Us.

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Editor: Mark Pilkington
Print Design: Alison Hutchinson

Cover Artwork: John Frum marcher, photo by Mike Jay 'Herworld' by Cathy Ward

Strange Attractor was co-founded in 2001 by:
John Lundberg & Mark Pilkington