Stephen O’Malley

Logbook of The U-68, found on the westcoast of Tinian in Spring 1947

Posted: Oct 7, 2003

"...At 3500 feet the engine suddenly failed to work. We are surrounded by a terrifying silence, only the murmuring of the currents and the aching of the hull through the gangway and cabins... The U-68 slowly sinks deeper and deeper. At 4230 feet we run aground on a riff-- only a few feet more and the hull would have been crushed..."

"...As of two days we are aground on the riff. The oxygen-bunkers are half way down... To save oxygen we have decided to isolate the engineer Otto Kirsch, the ratings Antionio Scarpa, Giuseppe Latkovich and Giacomo Sussich, and the 2nd Officer Schiffsfahrnich Eduard Orel, who became hysteric, in the engine-room and to flood it. We also hope that the flooding may stabilize our situation on the riff... May God help us all..."

"...Oxygen-bunkers nearly empty. For two hours now the sea has become full of an immense light. It seems as though it is glaring out of itself... From outside the sweetest music seeps through the hull-- and all of a sudden we see the ruins of an ancient city, which may have been obscured by the sands before now. Enormous columns errect themselves from the ground, marble portals lead to an incomparably majestic temple. The light and music seem to somehow arise from it... We have decided to open the hatch at 12:00am and dive towards the temple."

"Found the entries printed in an early booklet of a KALLABRIS 10", entitled "HAFALGAR." They're an interesting minimalistic drone project from Germany which I discovered in the early 90's— although, they have been sonically active since the early 70's in some form or another. Their music isaquatic, somnolent, and desolate in spirit."

—quote courtesy of W. Vitholf