Ginnungagap - Return To Nothing/Nothing To Return - Live At The Flux Factory, Queens 10th March 2004 (LP, Ltd, Yel)

Features a new edit and new remix from the CD version.
Side A is 33 RPM, side B is 45 RPM.

Published by Ideologic Organ (BMI)

On cover : mar020LP
On back : mar020 Vinyl September 2008 Edition of 500


Ginnungagap - Remeindre (LP, Ltd, Whi)

Edition of 700 copies.

Recorded & mixed at Southern Studios 1204.
Mastered at Aleph, Seattle.

"In the Norse cosmology, GINNUNGAGAP being seeming emptiness void/blank at the dawn of allthings (whom emerge between the fire and the ice). Nothing splits the formation of matter and consequentially the universe are born from absence of anythingness."


Ginnungagap - Crashed Like Wretched Moth (LP, S/Sided, Ltd, Whi)

Recorded at Aleph on new year's eve 2006.
Dedicated to Kate Sands
Originally presented as sound accompaniment to NÆVIL presents: EET showing at Domino Festival 2006.

Limited to 500 copies.

Part of Conspiracy Records' "10 Year Anniversary 12 LP Subscription series".


Ginnungagap - 1000% Downer (12")

Comes on blue heavyweight vinyl.
Limited to 500 copies.


Ginnungagap - Remeindre (CD, Album, Ltd)

Recorded & mixed at Southern Studios.
Mastered at Aleph Studios, Seattle.

Limited and numbered edition Of 1000.

This comes in a custom made screenprinted folder.


Ginnungagap - Return To Nothing: Live At The Flux Factory, Queens 10th March 2004 (CD)


Ginnungagap - 1000% Downer (CD, Mini)

Limited to 150 handnumbered copies

75 discs are silver, the other 75 are printed

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