02 02 2015

UNDERTOW's Demian Johnston releasing 12 part KTL live cassette series




I mention Undertow because that is how we met around 25 years ago... you know meeting people at that age, the "original" sticks. Met here and there and again after many years and via heavy sounds.

Demian may be the biggest (and most obsessive) KTL fan, certainly stateside, and by taking on this project he earns some esteem. The idea was floated around 4 or 5 years ago, and we have left it in his hands. Demian also created the great cover artwork for KTL "IV" and several other pieces for the band over the years. He is a fantastic illustrator and designer.

Anyway, the first volume of this Live cassette series is out on his label DEAD ACCENTS now. His words:

"Finally. The first of 12 volumes of Live KTL taken over the last few years across the globe. Each live performance is completely unique and was well worth revisiting. The first volume consists of two recordings. First is from 2007 at the Factory Theatre in Sydney, Australia and the second is 2008 at the Stary Browar in Poznan, Poland. Copies will be available from KTL in Europe shortly. Edition of 100 copies in letterpressed j-cards with 5 panel xeroxed inserts and professionally duplicated cassettes.

KTL will have their copies within a couple weeks, pre orders will be shipped shortly."

ORDER HERE: http://deadaccents.bigcartel.com/product/ktllive-archivevol-1


PS: For those interested, KTL recently has been working on an album of music which was originally written for  the 2013 Gisele Vienne production "The Pyre" and also a new score for Vienne's 2015 production. Both of these may/should/could see a release in the near future, when we can find the time together to finish the mixes. KTL is also performing at SONAR festival in Barcelona this June and potentially a few EDITIONS MEGO 20th anniversary events. More on that later.


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