14 01 2006

SUNN T50C for sale


I have a SUNN T50C I need to get rid of. Sits in the apt never being played... I use it occasionally for writing, but not enough.

SUNN T50C is a 50 watt tube + solid state combo (1 x 12" Celestian). It's a great compact little guy. There is a PC curcuit overdrive channel which sounds pretty cool, a built in reverb and a really LOUD clean channel. Each channel has an effects loop. The output section consists of 2 x 6L6 tubes and a beefy power transformer. The amp is diverse enough to be used by a cello player (Kris Force borrows this occasionally) as well as getting some fake Vitus sounds. The amp has lineouts to power external speaker cabinets if desired.

I dont have an actual photo here (thats a stock one you see below), but will take some for serious interest. It's in great shape cosmetically, and I have the footswitch (channel and reverb). The SUNN nameplate has a scratch across it.

Here are a few sites with good details on the piece:





The amp could use a tune up type servicing and some new preamp tubes to be honest. I havent brought it in to my guy in a while.

Email if you are interested. Help me move over to a Twin Reverb!



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