20 05 2003

SUNN O))) WHITE1 vinyl edition

From a statement by Southern Lord:


SUNN 0)))-"White1" 2xLP An epic "High-end Art Piece" (words of Stephen O'Malley!). 2 white vinyl 12"s, 3 sides of music, 1 side with etching, pure white gatefold sleeve, 2 sided lyric/insert. Painstakingly hand-assembled by drone gnomes. The ultimate indulgence for drone warriors. 540 pressed.

SPECIAL PILLOW CASE EDITION: The above mentioned +WHITE PILLOWCASE with embroidered SUNN 0))) logo. + european tour poster + sleeping pill. FOR THE TRUE ONLY! LTD. TO 10 ($40) This edition is available ONLY through Southern Lord direct. There is also a few sets of the test pressings available in the Pillowcase format (3).


Order it direct from Southern Lord while you can. I will not be selling them through Ideologic. Thanks.


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