30 12 2009

SUNN O))) vs most excellent fanmail



Hello There Stephen.

Here are some shots taken on 35mm film with an Old russain Lomo LCA of firstly the Sunn O))) monoliths performance at Islington Mill Manchester Dec 09 and the Monoliths show at ATP 10 Years. They are by no means professional and the results are pretty wierd, but thats why I like suing that camera... I hope they are of some interest.

I must say as if the Islington Mill wasnt transcendial enough, the ATP performances litterly blew my mind. The reason there are few pics of the ATP show...well as many folk battled to get to the front to fully aurally and visually experience the performance, myself and some freinds found the option of sitting at the back of the room against a wooden barrier much more appealing, mostly due to our intake of recreational smoke which made us oh so weary. Well i found this was the optimum position to FULLY exprience Sunn O))) as the wooden barrier acted as another amplifier to the vibrations. It was like having a massage chair ALL OVER my body. The sound litterally resonated through my body, bones vibrating, teeth rattling, and im sure my brain it's self was being vibrated. this sent me into a complete trance like state and soon I could no longer move, my arms and legs numb from the power of the vibrations. My mind wondered through plains deep in my subconcious, shapes, colours, clouds all racing through my mind, neither awake nor asleep. Truly amazing physical state. And the most deafening point of all was the point where the amplifiers were turned off and my ears were hit with the equivilent of throwing my body in an ice water plunge pool after time stewing in a hot steamy sauna...


Alex Maccarte


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