07 10 2014

SUNN O))) SAVX JAPAN 2007 tour shirt/hoodie



The latests edition in SUNN O)))s tour design repress is from our Japan 2007 tour. Our long time collaborator and comrade Savage Pencil graced us with an excellent "Wolfmilk Slime" drawing for the backside in metallic ink, Enju translated for the front (roughly "sun" over "magnitude"), zipper hoodie has the classic logo from SUNN O))) Beta series amplification "digital c-mos technology" in metallic. All text front/back is printed in black jelly/gel ink which appears as a dark shiny oil.

You can pick them up here:

SUNN O))) SAVX JAPAN 2007 TSHIRT http://sunn.southernlord.com/products/view/2007-japan-savx
SUNN O))) SAVX JAPAN 2007 ZIPPER HOODIE http://sunn.southernlord.com/products/view/2007-japan-savx-hooded-zipper-pre-order



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