17 11 2011

SUNN O))) meets NURSE WITH WOUND 2LP released!



I'm very pleased to announce that the SUNN O))) meets NURSE WITH WOUND "Iron Soul Of Nothing" gatefold 2LP has been released on my own imprint IDEOLOGIC ORGAN. This material is a result of NURSE WITH WOUND working with the original master tapes of SUNN O)))'s second album, 2000's "ØØVOID" in Colin Potters ICR studios. The results are astounding and original, both capturing the haze and aether of the original recordings, but mining and presenting something totally new in their oproceedings. We are pleased to present the material on it's own in a package with amazing artwork by Timo Ketola.

You can order it directly via Editions Mego or Metamkine, and also through Forced Exposure in the states. Southern Lord Recordings will also be stocking copies of this vinyl in the near future.


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