05 06 2012

SUNN O))) June 2012 tour merchandise







We wanted to announce the SUNN O))) June tour merchandise.

First of all, our comrade SAVAGE PENCIL has provided us with another great design (I believe it's the 4th we have done with SAVX). This will be available as a tshirt (w/glow ink front), zipper hoodie and LP bag. We will also have the black logo with backline shirt (with tour dates) and the RAT/SHOSHIN design (in gold ink this time).

Secondly, Greg and I recorded a 2 guitar/3 tracks (Holy Water 9:34, Peacock Angel 10:43 and Power Nurse 15:55) REHEARSAL DEMO LP last November. There are 1500 numbered copies of this LP pressed as a split release between my label IDEOLOGIC ORGAN and Greg's SOUTHERN LORD. We will present only on the tours this year as copies last... besides this June we are planning a tour on the east coast around the Hopscotch date in September, and, tentatively, another tour in Australia, NZ and Japan which will hopefully happen end of October. This LP is tour only and wont be available by any mailorder or shops, only at the concerts!

We will also have some copies of AGHARTHI LIVE 09-10 LP + 7" and ØØVOID 2LP available, as well as the various other things/records we have been working on lately.

Please do not contact us or ask about special availability of these items, they are only available at the concerts. Discog and eBay resellers will be ejected from the venue.

Thanks in advance for the interest and support! 



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